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With the spacious Exhibition Hall, the Convention Hall catering for various needs and the Conference Rooms for concurrent meetings with 144 and 84 attendants respectively, Grandmesse Kumamoto provides event organizers the perfect venue for holding an exhibition.

1F Exhibition Hall 1F Exhibition Hall

The hall suits multi events and meetings with a single floor covering 8,000 square meters. Of great importance to holding events is a flat square floor space, and it is possible to freely arrange the exhibition hall to achieve a smooth flow of customers. the ceiling height of 15 meters gives ample height to allow for the exhibition of large items.

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2F Convention Hall 2F Convention Hall

In the multi-purpose convention hall which is suitable for medium or small size meetings, exhibitions or receptions there are audio / video systems such as a 150inch large screen projector.
As a theater style setting for 500 people can be accommodated. School style: 252 people, individual round tables: 192 people. From conventions or seminars to small exhibitions this hall can be flexible to suit customers needs.

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2F Conference Room 2F Conference Room

The large size conference room accommodates 144 people and the medium size conference room accommodates 84 people. For all sorts of Seminars such as training meetings or presentations, these rooms can be suited all numbers of people and sizes of meetings.

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Parking Parking

Free parking area capacity 2,200 spaces!
The car park has access to the high speed interchange and ample parking spaces.

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